Node.js & Yeoman install for dummys

If you are heading for a Node.js install into Debian /Ubuntu, you will potentially face two issues concerning a namespace collision and generators which want to install globally!

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Pundit rails authorisation with RSpec

Authorisation is always an issue and have to be dealt carefully. Often you start with simple home made statements like user.admin?, etc. For the TEAM ORGA application also came the time to switch from a custom solution to a solid community proofed and backed solution. First you will think about the well known CanCan gem from Ryan Bates.

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My 2 cents - git basic workflow

I’m not coding that often, but when the exception happens I often end up with a ‘task’ and the knowledge that there is a better way to handle the source code - but I can’t remember!

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Samsung refuses to update - so switch to CyanogenMod

In general I like the Samsung device, in this case a older Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 GSM (p5100) is affected, which just refuses to work with the Google+ app! And Samsung refuses to fix this, which is really annoying. So I had to switch to a custom binary like CyanogenMod, that I used already for years on other devices.

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Your security options - an unexcited approach

Jan Krutisch announced on the january Ruby User Group a security focus for the february event. So I started collecting some of my experiences … Sadly I didn’t made it in time for last week’s RUG at Jimdo. But this way I can sum up some learnings and links.

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