Deploying Jekyll with plugins to GitHub Pages

… was not that easy, as I thought in my last post, because GitHub Pages do not allow any custom plugins!. So I came up with the following strategy also used by Octopress and well described from Ixti:

  1. First create a scecond branch called e.g. source
  2. and make it default at GitHub Repository.

That way you can compile locally and publish your site to the master branch, which leaves you version control under the source branch.

Ixti has also a nice implementation for publishing, so you can do $ rake publish.

Right, not here. But it doesn’t mean I’m not interested in your feedback. I just prefer to use more busy services ;-) where a wider discussion could incur. So tweet me @netzfisch or if you find an error, fork my blog, correct the post and send me a pull request via GitHub. Thanks for your efforts.
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