Comment/Uncomment multiline code blocks with VIM

I did not use VIM for a looong time and forgot nearly everything … feels like learning again from ground up!

For commenting a block of code in VIM, go to the first character of the line, press Ctrl + v, then select until the last line (e.g. Shift + g) and press I + # to insert new or c + # to replace first character with the hash-symbol on all selected lines.

To uncomment put your cursor on the first hash symbol, press Ctrl + v, and go down until the last commented line and press x, which will delete all hash-characters vertically.

Alternatively configure your .vimrc:

vmap ,ic :s/^/#/g<CR>:let @/ = ""<CR>
map  ,ic :s/^/#/g<CR>:let @/ = ""<CR>
vmap ,rc :s/^#//g<CR>:let @/ = ""<CR>
map  ,rc :s/^#//g<CR>:let @/ = ""<CR>

So you can press ,ic to insert and ,rc to remove comments in normal and visual mode.

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