Perfect Jekyll blogging workflow

Lately I switched back to a static blog generation - enjoying a higher blog post frequence. This are my perfect blogging workflow alternatives.

Either just use VIM on a local box or in mobile enviroment take a Chrome-App - called Textdown:

  • save the file to DropBox or GDrive
  • then generate the site with $ jekyll build and
  • push to GitHub!

Alternatively you could edit directly at GitHub:

  • than $ git pull origin source
  • compile $ jekyll build and
  • push $ git push origin master
Right, not here. But it doesn’t mean I’m not interested in your feedback. I just prefer to use more busy services ;-) where a wider discussion could incur. So tweet me @netzfisch or if you find an error, fork my blog, correct the post and send me a pull request via GitHub. Thanks for your efforts.
git linux rails vim