Translating besides VIM in your terminal - get ready for Termit!

Regulary looking for a certain englisch word, verb or noun, which really fits your model methods - database symantics? Until last week I just openend annother browser tab an asked or similar services …

Since than I do Termit, which basically is an easy way/ shortcut to use Google Translate directly in your terminal.


While adding the -s parameter gives you additionaly synonyms:

$ termit de en "anpassen" -s
=> adjust
=> Synonyms: adjust, adapt, customize, fit, suit, accommodate, tune, readjust, blend in, fit on, bring into line

the talk -t switch even dares you a voice impression of chinese:

$ termit de zh "netzfisch" -t
=> 鱼网

This is a damn simple, helpful and a defintely cool tool mashup!


$ gem install termit
$ sudo apt-get install mpg123
Right, not here. But it doesn’t mean I’m not interested in your feedback. I just prefer to use more busy services ;-) where a wider discussion could incur. So tweet me @netzfisch or if you find an error, fork my blog, correct the post and send me a pull request via GitHub. Thanks for your efforts.
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